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Sponsorships and Brand Ambassadors


Olivia Blatchford-Clyne

Hi! I’m Olivia Blatchford Clyne a professional squash player on the PSA tour who has enjoyed representing the U.S National Team for over 12 years and has achieved a highest world ranking of 12. I have been privileged to have known the Krishnamurthy sister since they were young, budding squash players and have delightedly watched them grow into mature, creative, inspirational young women. When Mia approached me about becoming a part of the Nova team, I leapt at the opportunity- I am a huge believer in empowering strong young woman to follow their passions especially in the sporting world; there is no one size fits all for playing sport but there’s an undeniable need for self expression and I believe that what NovaApparel is doing is bridging that gap between the sassy young woman and the committed competitive athlete. I adore wearing my Nova dress in competition and I know everyone else will too!


Nele Gilis

My name is Nele Gilis, I am Belgium’s #1 squash player and have a highest world ranking of #26 so far. I have always loved playing in dresses, but I could never find a dress that I felt comfortable in. I find Nova’s dresses to be a perfect fit for me playing on court. I feel comfortable, stylish and feminine all at the same time, and I’m so proud to represent their clothing!