Nova Apparel NYC

The Nova Wave

Nova Apparel NYC is more than a brand; it is the movement that empowers women through the clothing they wear. Nova introduces a line that combines sleek and fashionable styles with comfortable designs so that women can embrace their strengths with confidence and power. One dress at a time, Nova inspires a wave of female athletes that are bold in what they wear and what they do.

“Playing in my Nova dress makes me feel stylish, confident, and powerful all at the same time.”

-Nele Gilis

“Nova is bridging that gap between the fierce, young woman and the professional, competitive athlete.”

- Olivia Blatchford-Clyne

“Wearing a Nova dress on game day makes me feel stylish, empowered, and ready to compete against the world’s best.”

-Olivia Fiechter


“Nova has a vision to empower young women through their clothing on court.”

-Marina Stefanoni

Featured Styles

The "Olivia Blatchford-Clyne" Dress

Look and play like a national champion.

The Nova Signature

Our Signature Nova Dress

The "Nele Gilis" Dress

Look and play like a five-time Belgian national champion